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Irish Tweed

Stripe Sweater (CY291)


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Stripe Sweater pattern shown in Black Birch (08), Oak (2610), Golden Ash (25) and Oatmeal (01) colour.

Irish Tweed yarn:
A luxurious blend of Merino Lambswool and Mohair, creating a truly unique combination of colour, weightless volume and soft handle in a Donegal yarn.

70% Merino / 30% Mohair
Yarn weight: 50g/~110m

- 2 (3-3-4) Irish Tweed yarn balls in 1st Colour (black birch)
- 2 (2-2-3) Irish Tweed yarn balls in 2nd Colour (oak)
- 2 (2-2-3) Irish Tweed yarn balls in 3rd Colour (golden ash)
- 4 (5-5-6) Irish Tweed yarn balls in 4th Colour (oatmeal)
- 4.00mm and 4.50mm knitting needles