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Tradi Merino

Luxurious Sweater (CY280)


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Luxurious Sweater pattern shown in Tradi Merino Cream (03) colours, and Super Kid Saffron (09) colours.

Tradi Merino yarn:
Beautiful sock yarn available in timeless colours. Also suitable for knit sweaters, cardigans and shawls.

The perfect blend with wool for warmth, polyamide for resistance and cashmere for softness.

65% merino wool / 25% polyamide / 10% cashmere
Yarn weight: 50g/~200m

Super Kid yarn:
A beautiful soft super kid, with unique colours, all melanges, our mohair differs precisely for its unique colours. Ideal yarn to be worked individually or stranded together with other yarns to make each garment soft and precious.

75% Kid Mohair / 25% Silk blend
Yarn weight: 25g/~210m

- 6 (7-7-8) x Tradi Merino yarn balls
- 5 (6-6-7) x Super Kid yarn balls
- 4.00mm and 4.50mm knitting needles
- 4.00mm (60cm long) and 4.50mm (60cm long) circular needles